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Welcome to Smoother Operations with our advance booking system

Ditch the old-school way of managing appointments and embrace CIXPet’s new booking system, designed exclusively for pet groomers.
Experience a seamless blend of real-time booking, mobile-friendly interfaces, and automated communication, all tailored to make your business more efficient and your clients happier.

Purr-fect Planning: Real-Time Scheduling:

Instant updates keep your calendar sharp—no overlaps, no oopsies, just smooth grooming sessions booked to perfection.

On-the-Go Booking: Mobile Accessibility

Take the reins of your schedule wherever you roam. Whether you're at the park or the parlor, manage your bookings from any device, anytime.

No More Cat Naps: Automated Email and SMS Reminders

Automatic reminders ensure your clients and their pets are prepped and punctual. Say goodbye to no-shows and hello to a day full of happy tail wags!

Synced & Streamlined: Seamless Calendar Integration

Effortlessly sync your CIXP booking system with Google and Apple calendars. It's like your own personal assistant—keeping things smooth so you can focus more on snuggles and scritches.

Maximize Your Time

Shift focus from mundane tasks to what you love most—grooming and caring for pets—with our automated systems.

Delight Your Clients

Provide a hassle-free booking experience and personalized services that keep clients coming back.

Boost Your Growth

Efficient operations allow you to expand your clientele and offer more services, increasing your bottom line.

Why Stop at Booking? Check Out CIXP ERP Too!

All-in-One Efficiency:

CIXP ERP is like your business's new best friend. From client management to crunching numbers, we handle the heavy lifting.

Tailored for Groomers:

Specially designed for pet groomers, ensuring it fits your unique business like a glove.

Simplify Your Day:

Let us streamline your operations so you can spend more time with the pets that light up your day.

Real Results, Real Stories

Groomers Love Us:

Choose CIXP The Groomer's Best Friend

Paw-fectly Designed:

Our booking system is tailored just for pet groomers, with every feature developed to meet the unique challenges you face.

Unleash Support:

You're never alone. Our dedicated team is always ready to lend a paw, ensuring you're fully supported every step of the way.

Tail-wagging Value:

Get the best bang for your bark with competitively priced solutions that bring all the essential business management tools to your doorstep.

But But But!!!
Why Stop at SEO? Embrace the Full Suite!

Choosing SEO alone?

It’s like opting for a trim when you could have the full grooming package! Our tiers start at just $125/month, bundling SEO with a plethora of services to turbocharge your business. Sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting.

The Ultimate Groomer's Toolkit:

Why Settle for Less? Why chase after separate spells when our all-in-one wizardry bundle can transform your pet grooming game?
Think of it as your grooming wand, waving SEO mastery, client enchantment, and all the digital wizardry you need over your business without the dragon-sized costs.
Tailored for the ambitious groomer, our packages sprinkle a bit of magic on everything from online visibility to seamless appointments.
It's like getting the royal treatment for your grooming castle at the cost of a few dog treats. Dive in, and let's turn your grooming biz into the kingdom's talk, one happy tail wag at a time!

Economical Yet Comprehensive:

Our all-in-one packages offer everything from SEO to belly rubs (figuratively) for your business, ensuring you’re the top dog in town.

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