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At CIXP, we're turning up the fun on client retention!
Imagine a world where your clients can't wait for their next visit.
With our fetching emails, irresistible loyalty perks, and exciting rewards, we're here to help you make every customer's experience paw-sitively unforgettable.
Get ready to see those tails wagging again and again as we help you build lasting bonds that keep your clients coming back for more.
Let's make every visit a reason to celebrate!

Supercharge Your Customer Retention Now

Automated Email Campaigns:

Stay top-of-mind with regular, engaging emails that keep your clients informed about specials, new services, and much more.

Appointment Reminders:

Reduce no-shows and ensure clients remember their appointments with automated reminders via SMS or email.

Loyalty Programs:

Reward your repeat customers with loyalty points, discounts, and special offers that make them feel valued.

Exclusive Deals:

Entice customers to return with exclusive deals for returning visitors and special referral bonuses.

Easy Payment Solutions:

Streamline the checkout process with flexible payment options that keep the payment hassle-free.

Perks of Partnering with CIXP for Client Retention:

Revenue that Purrs:

Watch your earnings climb as happy clients become regulars. Our retention strategies mean more treats in your pocket as loyal customers are known to splurge more often.

Streamlined Success:

Spend less time on the paperwork and more time with the pets. Our integrated tools cut down the busywork, boosting your efficiency and leaving more room for what you do best.

Seamless Connections:

Engage effortlessly with your clientele through automated systems that feel personal and thoughtful. This seamless communication builds trust and fosters lasting relationships.

Hassle-Free Bookings:

Our tools make booking (and rebooking) so easy that your clients can do it with their eyes closed. Less hassle for them means more appointments for you.

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Real Results, Real Growth

Join the Pack Leader in Pet Grooming Solutions!

Tailored Just for Groomers:

Dive into strategies crafted with your specific business needs in mind, ensuring every tool and tactic perfectly complements the pet grooming industry.

Full Support:

We're with you every step of the way! From initial setup to your daily queries, our dedicated team ensures you have the assistance you need to keep things running smoothly."

Affordable Packages:

Choose from our tiered packages, each designed to provide maximum value and suit businesses of all sizes, starting at just $250.

Pick Your Perfect Package!

Ready to boost your grooming biz?
Check out our awesome packages starting at just $125!
Whether you're just starting out, in the growth phase, or running a big operation, we've got something special to keep your clients coming back for more.
Choose a plan that’s right for you and start building lasting client relationships!


Absolutely! Our loyalty programs are fully customizable to align with your specific business needs. You can set up rewards and discounts that resonate best with your client base, ensuring your promotions feel personal and effective.

Our automated reminder system sends out SMS and email notifications based on your preferences and client schedules. You can set reminders for appointments, promotions, and any important notices. This system helps reduce no-shows and keeps your clients engaged.

No, we don’t lock you into long-term contracts. Our services are offered on a subscription basis, giving you the flexibility to adjust as your business grows and your needs change.

While results can vary, many of our clients start seeing an increase in customer retention and repeat visits within the first few months of implementation. Consistent use of these strategies generally leads to more significant and noticeable results over time.

We provide ongoing support to ensure you’re getting the most out of our services. Our support team is available to assist with any questions or issues, and we offer regular check-ins to help you optimize your use of our tools for maximum impact on client retention.

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