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Supercharge Your Grooming Potential with CIXP ERP Software!

Simplify operations, delight clients, and boost profits with our specialized Pet grooming software.

Overwhelmed by Day-to-Day Operations?

In the bustling world of pet grooming, managing multiple appointments, tracking pet histories, and handling back-office tasks can be overwhelming. Are you spending more time on paperwork than with your pet clients? You're not alone. Many groomers face these common operational challenges, leading to lost time and missed opportunities.

Meet Your New Operational Partner:
CIXP Pet Grooming ERP Software

Say goodbye to administrative chaos with CIXP Pet Grooming ERP Software, designed exclusively for pet grooming businesses like yours. From streamlined appointment bookings to comprehensive financial management, our software transforms your daily operations into a smooth, effortless process.

Tail-Wagging Features You’ll Love

24/7 Online Booking Software: Power Up Your Pet Pampering

Client Empowerment

Let your clients book their pampering sessions whenever the whim strikes—be it day or night.

Boosted Satisfaction

Improve client happiness with the ease of booking directly through your tailored website.

Calendar Maximization

Keep your schedule bustling. More bookings, less downtime, and services always within reach.

Detailed Client and Pet Profiles: Know Your Clients Inside and Out


Store everything from grooming preferences to medical histories and those adorable quirks.


Tailor each visit to your furry clients’ unique needs, making every session special.


Show your clients how much you care by remembering the little things that make their pets unique.

Automated Reminders: Keep Your Schedule Tight and Clients Delighted

No More No-Shows

Send automated email and SMS reminders to ensure clients keep their appointments.

Smooth Scheduling

Maintain a seamless schedule by prompting clients ahead of time.

Enhanced Experience

Show your attentiveness and proactive service, boosting client satisfaction.

Efficient Inventory Management: Always Stocked, Never Stopped

Track It Like a Pro

Automatically keep tabs on your inventory levels without lifting a paw.

Low Stock Alerts

Get notified before you run out, so you’re never caught short.

Auto-Reorder Ready

Set up to reorder supplies automatically, ensuring you’re always groom-ready.

Robust Financial Tools: Your Business, Financially Fine-Tuned

Clear Insights

Easily view your financial landscape with tools that simplify complex data

Track Everything

Keep tabs on revenues and expenses, so you know where every dime goes.

Smart Decisions

Use solid data to make decisions that keep you ahead in the grooming game.

Transform Your Grooming Business with CIXP ERP Software

Embrace the benefits of CIXP Grooming ERP Software and watch your business thrive

Save Time:

Automate routine tasks so you can focus on what you love – grooming and caring for pets.

Enhance Customer Experience:

With easy online bookings and personalized service, you'll increase client satisfaction and loyalty.

Drive Growth:

With efficient operations, you can serve more clients and expand your services, leading to higher revenue.

Robust Financial Tools: Your Business, Financially Fine-Tuned

More Grooming, More Gains:

Boost your monthly revenue by up to $1280 per van, thanks to our efficient scheduling that allows for grooming 10 more dogs on average.

Slash No-Shows

Reliable Reminders:

Cut down no-shows by 80% with our triple reminder system, including options for card on file and pre-payment to secure your bookings.

Speed Up Scheduling

Reliable Reminders:

Efficiency on Wheels: Schedule appointments 10x faster with CIXP’s Smart Schedule™, optimizing routes and reducing double bookings to maximize your day.

Transform Your Grooming Business into a Pawsome Powerhouse

Time Tamer:

Slash admin hours with our slick automation. Imagine spending up to 50% less time on the books and more on the look! Dive into grooming while we handle the mundane, letting you pamper more pets per day.

Client Charmer:

Elevate the pet parent experience with effortless online bookings and custom-tailored services. Our savvy client management boost return visits by 40%, making your salon the go-to spot for pet pampering.

Profit Pumper:

Streamline your workflow and watch your earnings grow. Groomers leveraging CIXP Pet Grooming ERP Software typically see a revenue surge of 30% in the first year by efficiently scaling their client base and expanding service offerings.

Reseñas y testimonios!

Real Results, Real Growth

Join the Leading Pack with CIXP ERP

Easy-to-use platform:

Manage your operations and data across the board in one software, all-encompassing.

Pet-Centric Expertise:

Specifically crafted for pet groomers, our ERP Software ensures you have features tailored to manage everything from schnauzers to shampoos with ease.

Unwavering Support:

Whether it's a technical question or a strategic query, our dedicated support team is on standby to help you thrive, ensuring you never feel alone in your business journey.

Continuous Innovation:

We actively evolve our software based on real-world insights, ensuring each update enhances your operational efficiency and competitive edge.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Experience superior management capabilities at a price that doesn’t stretch your budget, making advanced technology accessible for every grooming business.

Streamlined Operations:

From booking to billing, every process is optimized to save time and reduce errors, giving you more opportunities to grow your revenue and delight your clients.

All-around client and pet database:

Take full advantage of client preferences, pet information, and service histories to make every visit memorable.

Pet Birthday Alerts:

Never miss a celebration again! Our birthday reminders keep you connected, showing clients you care on their pet’s special day.

Secure & Flexible Payment Solutions with CIXP

Versatile Payment Options:

Online Payments: Effortlessly accept payments through your website.
Card on File: Safely store customer card details for quicker checkouts.
Point of Sale (POS) Integration: Seamlessly integrate with leading POS systems for in-person payments.

Minimize No-Shows, Maximize Profits:

Automated Reminders: Send up to three types of reminders to ensure clients remember their appointments.
Deposits: Secure your time by taking deposits before appointments.
No-Show Fees: Implement charges for no-shows to compensate for lost time and potential revenue.

Flexible Plans to Match Your Business Needs

Choose from our range of pricing options designed to provide flexibility and scalability. Whether you're a small shop or a large chain, there's a plan that fits. Starting at just $99 per month, invest in your business's future today.

Ready to transform your pet grooming business with CIXP ERP Software?

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